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“MUSICAL MOMENTS” well received in the Community.

Tonbridge Lions have been overwhelmed with the interest shown in their DVD recording “Musical Moments”. This has been produced to compensate, in a small way, for the cancellation of the Annual Lions Senior Single Citizens’ Party.

This highly entertaining video included the Lions Singers performing virtual renditions of popular songs, individual performances from the Lions archives, and recordings of the Cannon School of Irish Dancing.

The DVD was distributed to many individuals, known to Tonbridge Lions,, who are living on their own, plus the various Care Homes in the community. Blue Bird Home Care (featured) and SAP Care Services, also distributed many of the DVDS amongst their respective clients.

Tonbridge Lions Club wish to thank all those who have been instrumental in producing this Special Concert Recording. It was a lot of hard work, but very rewarding. Going by the feedback, it has been enjoyed by many, so all the toil was worthwhile!

At last, the light is at the end of the tunnel, regarding the COVID restrictions, and plans are well underway for the Lions Senior Single Citizens’ Party 2022. It will be great to see our many friends, enjoying a Cream Tea and Cabaret together. It`s been a long time coming.

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