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Seeds of Hope

Towards the end of last year we were asked to support “Seeds of Hope Project” an initiative to get wild flowers into schools, colleges, nursery schools, etc. thus but providing therapeutic benefits for participants, while establishing wild flower meadows to encourage bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We agreed that we would pay for 20 6 gram packets to be given to Primary Schools in Tonbridge.

This week Lion President Richard Hill presented the seeds to children at Hildenborough Primary School. The School Secretary, Jenny Rumary, in thanking us said “We started our Gardening Club in October last year with some very enthusiastic members of our Year 5 class. The children have been choosing areas of the school that they are keen to cultivate. We have sown seeds for the vegetable plots, planted spring bulbs in the wooden planters and herbaceous plants in some raised beds. We are also hoping to plant an apple and pear tree which the children are very excited about. Nothing better than picking your fruit! The wild flowers that the Lions Club have kindly donated will be sown in an area where both children and parents can enjoy them.”

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