About the club

The current membership stands at 53 and meets twice per month, a business and dinner meeting, in addition to both the wide and varied programme of service, fund raising and social activities. These range from running a nationally recognised triathlon and the town carnival to Christmas barrel organ collections, a fun day for the disabled, quiz nights and numerous other events.

President 2020/21

Keith has lived in the Tonbridge area for most of his life.


Married to Valerie they have six children and ten grandchildren between them however Keith still finds time to be involved with sports, music and of course the Tonbridge Lions Club which he is honoured to represent as President.

Having retired nine years ago, he still keeps busy by being a Dance Host on cruise liners with Valerie. They enjoy the company of their families and friends and visits to concerts and the ballet. A keen member of the U3A Keith plays ukulele and table tennis with local groups. Valerie sings with several Choirs.

A passion for racquet sports and a keen football fan he follows tennis tournaments and supports local football clubs. 

His father was a founder member of the Tonbridge Lions Club in 1950 and now Keith is following in his footsteps having been a member of the Club now for 24 years.

Board of directors 2019/20

The current board of directors is as follows.

Lion Keith Bourne


Lion Ian McGill


Lion Peter Godsall


Lion Lofty Bunyon


Lion Richard Hill

First Vice President

Lion Richard Packham

Second Vice President

Lion Graham Rapley

Minutes Secretary

Lion Trevor Prockter

Director (1 year)

Lion Miles Harvey

Director (2 year)

Lion Gordon Hill

Activities Chairman

Lion Allan Mort

Tail Twister

Lion Phil Jesson

Lion Tamer

Lion John Dean

Activities Secretary

Charity trustees

As part of the club we manage a charitable fund. Whilst the members and board of directors are the key decision makers for how we raise funds and where those funds are distributed, we have appointed trustees who provide oversight on the funds we receive and distribute.

Lion Keith Bourne


Lion Ian McGill


Lion Richard Packham


Lion Richard Hill


Lion Peter Godsall


The early days

The summer of 1949 saw the beginnings of Tonbridge Lions Club.


During the 1939/45 war a Tonbridge hairdresser CWH Addy was often in touch with servicemen from the United States and Canada. He heard many stories about the Lions and the aims and objectives of Lions Clubs, and decided he would try to organize a club in Tonbridge.


In 1947 he wrote to the headquarters office of Lions International for advice and as a consequence was able to advise that office in 1949 that he was in contact with enough interested men in Tonbridge to form a Lions Club.


The official formation of Tonbridge Lions Club followed on the 9th February 1950, though it had been operating as a club for some months prior to that date.