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Lions' Day 2022

Living 24/7 with someone with a disability and / or life-limiting illness is very difficult.

When you are a child and the patient or patients are your siblings or other family members your world day today is far from easy.

Every year, each Lions Club hosts a “Lions’ Day”, when they treat a particular group of people to a day off, a time for themselves.

This year Tonbridge Lions Club chose to give a group of local “Young Carers” a day of fun.

We all met at Clip’n’Climb in Tonbridge, where the group soon made friends.

After the briefing session the young people tried the many climbing challenges and each were given the opportunity to tackle the “Vertical Dropslide” and “The Stairway to Heaven”.

Refreshed with a complimentary ice-cold slushy from Clip’n’Climb we strolled towards Tonbridge High Street and where we were warmly welcomed and very well looked after by the owner and staff of The Oriental Buffet Club.

The “all you can eat buffet” was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Amazed at how much active youngsters can eat, oriental snacks, noodles, stir fry, curries and chips followed by gateaux, fruit salad, ice cream and jelly.

A truly great day for everyone involved and finished with a group photo outside the restaurant.

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